Acoustic-Technology Platform

Operating in virtually any drilling or completions environment, XACT’s acoustic-technology platform is designed to give operators access to real-time downhole data throughout the well-construction process. The network of tools, associated on-site equipment, and support offer a comprehensive virtual view of the entire wellbore and drillstring by transmitting measurements and other downhole data in real time. Once the acoustic signal reaches the surface, it is captured and transmitted wirelessly to an on-site computer by XACT’s patented electronic acoustic receiver (EAR). The EAR is attached to the topdrive, frac head, and cement head without any need for modification. Repeater nodes along the string not only act as signal boosters, but also are capable of taking measurements independently of one another. XACT’s platform integrates into existing drilling and completion operations and is independent of fluid type, circulation rate, or high-resistivity formations. Data can be transmitted to the surface in real time or held in memory until tripped out of the hole. Measurements of weight, torque, pressure, temperature, bending, and other physical conditions are displayed. These are output onto the rig and client networks, allowing for remote viewing of the data in a matter of seconds.

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XACT’s EAR technology is attached to the topdrive and is positioned to receive real-time downhole data.