Ultrahigh-Temperature Logging-While-Drilling Service

The industry standards for high-­pressure, high-temperature (HP/HT) drilling have dramatically increased over the past 30 years as operators have moved into deeper, more challenging fields. Weatherford’s HeatWave Extreme (HEX) ­logging-while-drilling (LWD) service reliably acquires gamma ray, resistivity, neutron porosity, and density data at temperatures up to 200°C. The service includes porosity, directional, gamma, and bore/annular pressure tools, as well as a full triple-combo LWD suite with resistivity and density measurements. These capabilities enable operators to identify hydrocarbons and gather adequate formation evaluation data while drilling in ultrahigh-temperature reservoirs without the need for additional trips to cool the bottomhole assembly. The HEX service expands the spectrum of drillable fields. By increasing the reliability of data delivery and reducing drilling time, the service mitigates the operational and economic risks of HP/HT drilling. It also removes the need for additional wireline logging, further cutting rig time and costs.

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The Weatherford HeatWave Extreme LWD service acquires triple-combo LWD data at temperatures up to 200°C.