Rapid-Intervention Package

Boots & Coots Services, a Halliburton business, introduced the Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP), a suite of services to help reduce costs and deployment time in the event of subsea well-control events. GRIP provides well planning and well-kill capabilities that include an inventory of well-test packages, coiled tubing units, and relief-well-ranging tools. In addition, GRIP features the new 15,000-psi RapidCap Air-Mobile Capping Stack. Sourced from Trendsetter Engineering, RapidCap incorporates a specially designed gate-valve-based system. Capping-stack systems currently available can be difficult to deploy because of their size and weight and are expensive to transport and reassemble on a job site. RapidCap aims to reduce deployment time by up to 40%. Rather than requiring specialized infrastructure, RapidCap can be air transported on a Boeing 747‑400F and lifted by a 110-ton or lighter crane, allowing customers access to relief and containment capabilities even in remote areas.

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