Statoil Offers 1-Year Graduate Internships

The downturn has been challenging for petroleum graduates. It is more difficult to find a job now than it was a couple of years ago. In an effort to encourage graduates and to send a positive signal to young professionals who work for the oil and gas industry, Statoil is offering around 30 paid 1-year internships under the guidance of mentors.

The Statoil website states: “Through this program Statoil wants to give graduates work experience and kick-start their career. The graduates will have specific tasks and projects for learning purposes under the guidance of a mentor. They will be paid during their 12-month internship period, but they will not contribute directly to the day-to-day operation of the company.”

The program is open to candidates who are completing their master’s degree in petroleum-related studies this spring or have recently completed such studies.

Application Deadline: 16 May

Program Begins: September 2017

Click here to apply: Statoil Internship