Surface-Controlled Fracture-Sleeve System

SageRider introduced the Revolver Addressable-Sleeve System, which provides maximum flexibility for well evaluation, stimulation, and production. The Revolver System combines proven fracture-sleeve technology with addressable components allowing each of the sleeves to open and close multiple times in any order from a surface computer. Because the system is functioned from the surface, there are no casing-inner-­diameter restrictions or limits to the number of sleeves that can be installed per well. The Revolver System design also incorporates line-­protection slots, enabling protected deployment of fiber optics and quartz pressure and temperature sensors. The additional monitoring aspect provides valuable data during all phases of the stimulation, evaluation, and production-well cycles. A recent installation in the Permian basin allowed the operator to function each sleeve multiple times throughout diagnostic-fracture-injection tests, stimulation, and flowback operations. The Revolver Addressable-Sleeve System provides the flexibility needed to take control of individual portions of the wellbore during all aspects of each operation.

The Revolver Addressable-Sleeve System from SageRider features addressable components that allow each sleeve to open and close multiple times in any order.