Produced-Water Fracturing-Fluid System

Fracturing projects average more than 4.75 million gal (113,100 bbl) of fresh water per well. Once used downhole and returned to surface, that water requires treatment and injecting into an underground storage well. The Weatherford WaterSure fluid system, which enables fracturing with 100% produced or flowback water from the well, is an environmentally friendly, cost-saving alternative to conventional methods. This fluid system can end the dependence on the availability of fresh water and eliminate the downtime, costs, logistics, fuel consumption, and emissions associated with delivering fresh water to a wellsite or transporting produced water off-site for treatment. The fluid system uses filtered or unfiltered water with minimal to no chemical treatment. The water is oxidized and treated with chloride dioxide to kill well-souring bacteria; help decrease reservoir pressure; and improve the permeability, wetness, and porosity of the formation. The prepped water is combined with an environmentally friendly gelling agent and crosslinked to create fluids with excellent proppant-transport and conductivity properties. The resulting fluids can then maintain high, closely controlled viscosity levels sufficient to carry proppant during long periods of exposure to high temperatures and bottomhole pressures.

Weatherford’s WaterSure produced-water fracturing-fluid system is an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to conventional systems.