Split-Frame Pipecutting Machine

Mirage Machines, an Acteon Company, introduced its Mirage Split-Frame (MSF) pipecutting machine, which improves the efficiency of pipecutting operations on infrastructure composed of heat-resistant, stainless, and super-duplex metals. Rising fabrication and maintenance-project activity, including works on wellhead, riser, and caisson assemblies, has significantly increased demand from construction yards, operators, and duty holders for new pipecutting technologies across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific region. UK-based Mirage Machines has evolved split-frame machine technology with the development of its MSF machine. Mirage has developed innovative new self-squaring capability for the fully portable MSF, reducing the risk of installation error during operations and significantly shortening the setup process, maximizing the operational runtime of its equipment.

The MSF pipecutting machine reduces installation time.