Subsea Spreader Beams

Modulift introduced its new range of Subsea Modular Spreader Beams. In addition to their standard and heavy spreader beam ranges, Modulift has used modular elements to produce a versatile and efficient collection for deepwater lifting. As with regular spreader beams, these are fully and correctly assembled when combined with the recommended end units, drop links, and shackles top and bottom, which also allows for the option to use remotely-operated-vehicle shackles where necessary. The Modulift Subsea Spreader Beams are designed to safely hold weights up to 500 t. Unlike Modulift’s standard spreader beams that are manufactured using a circular hollow section, the Subsea has an open-section design, making it suitable for water submersion by eliminating the risks of any cavity or pressure issues (Fig. 10). They are finished with a three-coat paint system that is based on a two-pack epoxy/paint combination suitable for the marine environment. Modulift’s exclusive modular engineering offers users the economical ability to reuse their products time and time again, providing a cost-effective solution to subsea heavy lifting.

Subsea Spreader Beams from Modulift are designed to safely hold weights up to 500 t.