Perforation-for-Diversion System

GEODynamics introduced the SandIQ optimized perforating technology, now undergoing field evaluations in the Permian and Bakken. The system generates optimized perforating geometry that leads to improved proppant transport in fracturing stages. In addition, SandIQ uses constant and consistent perforating entry holes and penetration depths in wells regardless of gun position, well casing, and formation. Particle transport at a high fluid velocity is complex. With the SandIQ perforating system, proppant-placement efficiency is improved because of the creation of a diversion ledge in combination with a 45° formation-entry ramp. The added downstream ledge in the casing further assists the sand to exit more evenly along the numerous clusters. SandIQ is the result of GEODynamics’ engineering and development efforts and is part of a broader perforating technology suite that allows operators to continuously improve well completions. GEODynamics offers engineering support for this continuous improvement process using software tools and step-rate-testing data provided by the operator.

Perforations using a conventional perforating system (top) vs. perforations using GEODynamics’ SandIQ technology.