Cased-Hole Evaluation System

The Weatherford Raptor 2.0 cased-hole evaluation system defines the location of oil and gas within inches and volume within a few saturation units. The system provides reliable saturation data that guide reservoir-rejuvenation programs. It can also be deployed as an alternative to traditional openhole wireline logs in new wells. The system includes the only five-detector-array pulsed neutron tool in the world, which enables 250% more gas-­saturation measurement sensitivity compared with two-detector tools. The Raptor tool is the only pulsed neutron tool that offers multi­point oil and gas sensitivity calibration, which provides factory-­specification logging performance before each job. Once raw data reach the surface, the information is analyzed by dedicated production petrophysicists with an integrated single-well response characterization, four-detector mixing, and transparent petrophysical processes and software. At any point in the process, the client is able to confer with the production petrophysicist to see the analysis behind the answers. The system offers a variety of fluid-saturation answer products—including carbon/oxygen, sigma, and three-phase techniques—along with an array of specialty answer products.

Weatherford’s Raptor 2.0 cased-hole evaluation system offers multipoint oil and gas sensitivity calibration.