Vibration-Reducing Drill Bit

Baker Hughes introduced the Dynamus extended-life polycrystalline-diamond-compact (PDC) drill bit, which can significantly reduce drilling costs by eliminating trips to replace bits or bottomhole assembly (BHA) tools that wear out in high-horsepower drilling operations.The bit is built on a robust frame that incorporates stabilizing elements to prevent lateral vibrations as well as proprietary cutters engineered to minimize wear.

Reducing vibrations not only extends bit life, but also helps extend the life of other BHA tools and deliver smoother drilling performance for improved borehole quality.The bit includes StayTrue shaped-diamond-insert elements that stabilize the bit to reduce lateral vibrations by more than 90%, mitigating vibration-induced damage to both the bit and highly sensitive BHA components containing electronics.

The bit’s long-life cutters generate 30% less heat than standard PDC cutters. This reduces wear and premature weakening of the cutters that is often a result of excessive heat generation. The bit’s elements and cutters are incorporated into a newly designed body comprisin a matrix material that resists cracking and is capable of handling extreme operating loads that would damage conventional PDC bits.

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Baker Hughes’ Dynamus PDC drill bit incorporates stabilizing elements to prevent lateral vibrations.