Modular Carousel System

Aquatic Engineering & Construction unveiled the 1500 te carousel, a modular drive system used to install or replace flexibles, umbilicals, power and telecommunication cables, and wire rope products. Installation in deeper waters has become a recent trend in the subsea market, often in depths from 2,000 to 3,000 m. Installation, replacement, or recovery work at this depth requires specialist equipment to accommodate the increasing length and weight of the items being installed. The carousel system provides the strength and stability that can withstand the installation of the heaviest equipment in deep water. The carousel is also used to install long subsea tiebacks to processing platforms. It can handle a product load up to 1,500 tons, has a maximum reeling speed of about 1 km/h, and uses a built-in tensioner with a maximum line pull of 5 tons to maintain product tension on the horizontal reel at all times.

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