High-Pressure Water-Jetting Machine

Jetstream Europe’s Magnetic Crawler MC250 contains a bank of floating magnets that enables the machine to negotiate large welded seams, dents, or other surface distortions without falling off. It is suited for use on storage tanks, platforms, and ship hulls. No vacuum is required to keep it on the surface while it removes coatings, rust, and scale from large steel surfaces. The company said its removal rate is up to five times greater than standard water-jetting guns and that it can be used in horizontal, vertical, inclined, and overhead positions. The crawler can work on pipe diameters as small as 500 mm, allowing cleaning of offshore platform legs and bracings. A rotary piston pump produces a flow rate of 2100 m3/h and 500 mbar pressure.

For more information, visit www.jetstreameurope.co.uk