Real-Time Field-Personnel Monitoring Software

Wellfence introduced a technology to gather and store, automatically and in real time, the number and identity of personnel entering and leaving oilfield drilling and production locations. The system comprises towers deployed on access roads that act as electronic checkpoints, a key-fob-like Well Identification (Well ID) that is issued and registered to each worker authorized to be on location, and a central monitoring center. Wellfence towers are equipped with 360° camera coverage and motion detectors. These cameras provide visual evidence of every authorized entrance and exit. If an entrance or exit is detected without an appropriate Well-ID signal, a visual record of the entry point at the time of the event is recorded and reported as a noncompliance to the monitoring center for clarification and resolution. By pressing the enter button on the Well ID, the user’s name and unique ID number, along with the time of entry onto the property, are recorded in real time. When the exit button is pressed, the system registers the time at which that specific person left location. Enter and exit directions are programmed into the tower to confirm vehicle direction.

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