SPE Spotlight on Young Professionals: Mohamed Mahmoud Abd El-Rahman

SPE provides members many ways of volunteering their time to boost their skills and build relationships in the industry, but this month’s featured young professional (YP) is someone who has made this approach his regular attitude.

Mohamed Mahmoud Abd El-Rahman is a reservoir engineer at Sahara Oil & Gas Company (SOG). After graduating in 2012 from the Suez Canal University, he joined SOG, becoming the youngest engineer to work on a reservoir simulation study in the company. He was recognized by his director after proposing to drill a successful producing well in a new exploration prospect. Abd El-Rahman completed his master’s degree in petroleum engineering at Cairo University and continues at SOG.

During his undergraduate days, Abd El-Rahman spent time supporting secondary school students by teaching them mathematics through the Resala Charity Organization in Egypt, which was founded by engineering professor Shereef Abd El Azim. Later he spent 7 months as a teaching assistant at the American University of Cairo.

I think volunteering itself is a skill; the more you contribute in activities, the more your skill is enhanced. Volunteering in teaching activities helps me to develop my engineering skills and increase my knowledge as I have to prepare and study before helping others to learn. 

Abd El-Rahman continues to develop his skills by working with SPE Egypt YP initiatives. He was a member of the section’s YP Liaison Committee in 2012, technical manager for 2 years, and became vice-chairperson, responsible for technical programs. He helps host Energy4me events, including teacher training activities, and plans Ambassador Lecturer visits.

A member of the SPE International Research & Development Technical Section, Abd El-Rahman is currently volunteering as a Student Chapter Award and SPE Section Award judge. He recently established the Leadership Development Program and Education Week Program at the SPE Egypt Section to help unemployed petroleum engineering graduates.

Abd El-Rahman is setting his sights higher by hoping to become the SPE president in the future and is certainly building a strong foundation in his career and SPE to achieve his goal.

The purpose of “Spotlight on Young Professionals” is to share interesting voluntary contributions and technical achievements of young professionals with their peers. If you know someone who deserves to be put in the spotlight, tell us via our online form.