Downhole X-Ray Diagnostic Service

One of the greatest challenges in planning an efficient well intervention is accurately and reliably diagnosing the condition of downhole equipment. Visuray’s VR90 downhole X-ray diagnostic service provides operators with clear answers by using an X-ray imaging technique that works in any production fluid, even the most opaque. The tool produces X-rays that scatter in the well fluid, creating a reconstruction of the object’s surface. This reconstruction can then be displayed as both a 2D surface map and a 3D object with millimetric dimensional accuracy. The VR90 service can be run with any conveyance method to reach the area of investigation, such as electric wireline, coiled tubing, or tractors. The service has most recently been introduced in North America, where a customer needed to image the top of stuck tubing to determine the best method of fishing it. Despite the opaque well fluids, the VR90 service’s results showed a tubing top that had sustained milling damage that significantly altered the fishable dimensions on both the outer and inner diameters. The results also provided the relative location of the tubing inside the surrounding casing. This information gave the operator the possibility of moving forward with a targeted fishing plan.

3D reconstruction of tubing top with Visuray’s VR90 downhole X-ray diagnostic service.