Gravel-Pack System

Weatherford introduced the WFX0 gravel-pack system, the industry’s first fully integrated gravel-pack system to achieve an American Petroleum Institute/International Organization for Standardization V0 rating, which validates that it has been tested to the industry’s highest standards with zero gas leakage. By leveraging several V0-rated Weatherford technologies, the system enables gravel-pack completion of multiple openhole zones in a single trip. The V0 rating makes the system well suited for deepwater applications. By incorporating a deep-set barrier run, the WFX0 system eliminates the need for an intermediate completion, which can save approximately 2 to 3 days of rig time. Additionally, by using the TerraForm packer, the system achieves cased-hole functionality in an openhole environment. The technology offers users significant time and cost savings, as well as enhanced reliability, in deepwater operations.

Weatherford’s WFX0 gravel-pack system enables multizone gravel-pack completion in a single trip and provides reliable, gas-tight zonal isolation in deepwater wells.