Tom Knode

Tom Knode, SPE, was appointed as director of health, safety, and environment (HSE) at Athlon Solutions. Before this, Knode worked on contract for Statoil and provided project-based HSE consulting through Contek Solutions. He was previously director of HSE standards and performance at Halliburton, where he worked for 25 years staring as a laboratory petrophysicist and later moving to HSE. His other roles at the company included regional and global oversight of Halliburton’s HSE programs and technical staff. Knode is an active SPE member and serves as the health, safety, security, environment, and social responsibility (HSSE-SR) discipline representative on the JPT editorial board, and a member of the technical director’s advisory committee. He was the SPE technical director for HSSE-SR during 2008–2011, co-chaired regional and international conferences, and serves on several SPE committees. Knode holds a BS in geology from Texas Christian University and MS in geology from University of Texas, Arlington.