Wireless Intelligent Well-Completion Technology

The PulseEight wireless well-completion-technology product range from Tendeka uses pressure-pulse telemetry to communicate wirelessly between a well’s downhole monitoring and control system and the wellhead. The intelligent well technology provides cable-free control and monitoring for a wide range of applications. Each device provides a variable choke and seal, with pressure and temperature measurement for optimal control. Driven by a microprocessor, the fully electric system can be programmed to respond to wireless commands from surface, or to react to the well environment (e.g., well shut-ins or changes in pressure or flow rate). The wireless communication uses semiduplex pressure-pulse telemetry, suitable for multiphase fluid environments. Existing wellhead equipment is used to interface with the downhole valve. Removing the need for traditional hydraulic or electric control lines, PulseEight technology simplifies operations, eliminates downhole connections, and significantly reduces overall system costs. The product range represents a simply installed and cost-effective solution for oil, water, and gas control in greenfield, brownfield, extended-reach, and multilateral applications. Remote management of PulseEight provides data management and evaluation for enhanced production optimization.