Plug Launching System

Tesco introduced the new MultiPlug Launching System (MPLS), built to remotely launch multiple plugs or darts for regular and multistage cementing in onshore or offshore applications. The MPLS, in standard configuration, measures approximately 7.5 ft in length and is made up of two simple chambers in a launching cylinder. A release mechanism allows each plug to drop away remotely. This system removes the need for manual plug launching. The MPLS maximizes safety and efficiency in tubular running and cementing operations. The modular design of the MPLS allows for additional plugs to be launched by simply adding body segments to the unit. Plug loading can be performed in the shop before transport to a location. The simple design of the MPLS also allows for disassembly on location to preload plugs before rigging up in the derrick without the need for a bucking unit. Although the MPLS can be run without a casing running tool, optimal performance and maximum value is best achieved when it is used in conjunction with the Tesco Casing Drive System or Compact Casing Drive System to simplify, speed up, and more fully automate the transition from casing running to cementing.

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