Dissolvable Bridge Plug

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Vertechs introduced its Wizard dissolvable bridge plug for applications involving temporary wellbore-isolation tools; the plugs will dissolve themselves in a preset timeframe after operations to restore the original flow path, namely the inner diameter of the casing. With the Vertechs bridge plug, there is no need to mill out the dissolvable plug, unlike plug-and-perforate techniques with composite plugs. This can provide substantial time savings for every well, and also avoids any health, safety, and environment issues related to plug milling. The plug is built with dissolvable metal and rubber, and has been laboratory-tested to 10,000 psi. Under different temperatures and salinities, the rate of dissolving of the plug’s magnesium-aluminum alloy can be varied. In June 2017, in the Sichuan shale-gas project, dissolvable plugs customized for downhole environments were used for a 21-stage multistage stimulation. During the stimulation operation, 2,000 m3 (12,578 bbl) slickwater and 100 metric tons (220,462 lbs) of proppants were pumped into the formation (per stage). The stimulation operation time is 3.5 hours, and the maximum wellhead pressure is 78 MPa (11,300 psi); the plugs held pressure with zero failure. During the production, no debris of dissolvable plug components were found or reported.

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