Mechanical-Inflow-Test Packer

The CLEARMAX mechanical-inflow-test (MIT) packer provides wellbore cleanup and inflow testing in a single trip. Operators can reset and lock the packer in position as many times as needed to perform multiple operations in a single trip, which reduces rig time and helps to prevent unintended release. The packer has been tested to American Petroleum Institute (API) 11D standards. The packer can be run in combination with the Weatherford ISO MAX packer to test multiple liner laps in a single trip. Functionality can be further enhanced by adding the MIT packer to a wellbore-cleaning string. The string includes the CLEARMAX Selective Rotation and Circulating Re-Locking Tool (SRCT/RL), which is a weight-activated circulating tool with a quick cycling mechanism that improves displacement efficiency and reduces the risks associated with ball-activated subs. The SRCT/RL is included in the cleanup string with the MIT packer and features a clutch assembly to avoid twist-off incidents as friction increases during drilling-mud displacement. The CLEARMAX portfolio includes mechanical, chemical, and filtration-based technologies for comprehensive wellbore-cleaning services for the complete life cycle of any well. This suite of technologies removes well debris and residue, leaving a clean, solids-free, and completion-ready wellbore.

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Operators can reset and lock Weatherford’s CLEARMAX MIT packer in position as many times as needed to perform multiple operations in a single trip.