Well-Service Pump

Gardner Denver introduced the Thunder Series well-service-pump platform, which comes in two basic models: a 3,000-BHP quintuplex and a 2,550-BHP triplex, both with high rod-load and 11-in. stroke length. The 11-in. stroke provides the advantage of generating more flow per cylinder per rotation of the pump than conventional 8-in. and 10-in. stroke pumps: 37% more vs. 8-in. and 10% more vs. 10-in. This reduces the pump speed required to achieve the same flow and pressure output of conventional shorter-stroke pumps. That means these pumps accumulate fewer cycles over time, which decreases overall wear and tear. The result is longer time between scheduled maintenance intervals, which are now aligned with the engine and transmission, and a reduced rate of consumable part use. The Thunder Series could also be run at similar (higher) speeds than comparable pumps in order to gain additional output per unit and potentially reduce the required number of pumps needed onsite, significantly affecting cost savings. Service is simplified by easy removal of key parts for reduced handling weight, while structural security is provided by Nord-Lock washers. The Thunder Series performs well on older retrofitted conventional trailers as well as newer trailers.

For additional information, visit www.gardnerdenverpumps.com/thunder/.