Well-Completion Actuating Technology

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National Oilwell Varco’s ReAct technology is an electronically controlled actuating mechanism used for well completion products. When using ReAct, permanently installed well-completion tools are surface programmed to monitor well pressure for certain pressure signatures on the basis of reservoir or surface pressures. Once the programmed signature is recognized, the tool will actuate and open or close communication paths for flow where needed. ReAct allows for programming of a time delay before the tool begins monitoring for pressure signatures or a time delay after the pressure signature has been recognized in order to optimize actuation for each application. An unlimited number of products can be deployed simultaneously, each programmed to actuate independently or synchronized with other products run in the well. ReAct well-completion products provide many features of a conventional intelligent completion system but are deployed without any control lines to surface. The technology enables robust and simple deployment while providing flexibility in a staged well cleanup and startup phase, or any other applications during the well-construction and early well-production phase. Once the electronic actuation features have exceeded the battery life, which is between 6 and 12 months, the well-completion products provide the same functionality as traditional intervention flow-control products.

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