Production-Optimization Software

IntelliStream, from Baker Hughes, a GE company, is an upstream enterprise software that focuses on reducing nonproductive time and improving production optimization through a single system. Purpose-built on Predix, GE’s platform for the industrial Internet, and leveraging a foundation of asset-performance-management capabilities, the software provides analytics-driven visibility and insights across a variety of resources including reservoirs, wells, networks, facilities, and people. Enabling organizations with topline revenue growth insights and cost-reduction metrics, the software tracks and trends the health of oil and gas equipment, production flow, and well patterns. It also aims to learn constantly by use of digital twins, self-learning models, correlation analysis, multiaxis well history, and interaction and dependency analysis. With an integrated view of upstream data, ranging from a lost-production heat map to lift analysis, this software provides oil and gas companies with the information needed to increase efficiency and profitability, reduce cost, manage resources, and optimize production.

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