SPE Drillbotics Webinar To Showcase Students-Designed Rigs

Today, the buzzword in drilling is about drilling a well autonomously. This focus led the SPE Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section (DSATS) to establish the Drillbotics Competition 3 years ago. Last year, seven universities participated in the competition for the opportunity to design and deploy a rig that must drill hands-free. 

The seven schools utilized their multidisciplinary teams to build a miniature automated robotic drilling rig in the laboratory and then used it to drill a test formation provided by the DSATS judges. The DSATS committee evaluated the results and four schools were awarded prizes based on the scope of the design, its applications, and performance. 

This webinar will showcase four out of the seven schools, their design models, how they overcame challenges, and their final presentations. You can learn how the students dealt with drilling dysfunctions and what they learned that is not in the textbooks.  

The webinar will be held on 9 January at 9.30 am EST. It is a 1-hour presentation followed by a 30-minute question and answer session. Click here for more details and registration.