Compact Milling Tool

Well-Centric introduced the Gate Valve Milling Tool, designed to provide access to restricted wells by drilling through stuck gate valves or other blockages. Stuck valves can result in a well being out of action for months, if not years, with lost production potentially amounting to millions of dollars. The tool helps reinstate production safely, quickly, and efficiently, with minimal operator downtime. Originally developed as a solution to mill through stuck gate valves, the tool has several additional applications. Mill bits can be changed out for magnets, brushes, or scrapers, providing additional cleanout capability. Additional drill rods can also be added to reach deeper into the well past the tree to mill obstructions at the tubing hanger. The tool features a modular design, a small footprint, and extended stroke to reach deeper into the wellbore. Lubricators are not required to install drill rods, enabling more-efficient rig-up and a reduced overall footprint. Fewer exposed rotating parts mean safer operation. The tool can mill out a gate valve in less than 3 hours.

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Well-Centric's Gate Valve Milling Tool can be used both onshore and offshore.