Anti-Stick/Slip Technology

Anti-stick/slip (AST) technology from Tomax, as used in its new Curve-­Drilling (CD-AST) tool, is installed close to the drill bit and will stabilize the loading of the bit within 20 milliseconds. With assistance from the AST at the bottom end of the string, the driller can push harder with less worry about the motor and the bit. The result is faster rates of penetration without a commensurate cost in bit wear and failures. The AST regulator pushes the system toward the optimal intersect between cut and friction. This is where the cutters remove the most rock with the least waste. The constant push toward optimal efficiency has a clear positive effect on bit life and footage per bit. The CD-AST can accompany high-performance-motor-powered, flexible rotary steerable systems. These systems are designed to drill wells through the most challenging geology in one fast run. The new tool combines the proved tool design with a new progressive energy storage and deflection capability. The tool is initially produced in 7-in. outer diameter for hole sizes from approximately 8⅜ to 9⅞ in. The inner diameter matches that of the existing tools, and the operational range matches the relevant motors.

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The CD-AST tool from Tomax is designed for reduced bit wear while delivering faster rates of penetration.