Long-Term Mooring Connector

InterMoor said a sea trial of the Inter-M Pulse mooring connector was completed on the Ocean Nomad semisubmersible at Everest 22/10 in the North Sea in winter 2012 during a 6-month drilling campaign. The unit deployed was designed for use on all offshore units. Connecting mooring chains together, the mooring system monitors and tracks the in-situ tension for each mooring line and transmits the tension data acoustically to the topside control room. The field trial mooring system has a combination chain and fiber makeup with the unit installed at the fiber and shackle connection. The system measured tension and inclination data over a 1-month period during the field trial. The company said that the system will communicate in a range of sea states from calm to a maximum wave height of 25.6 ft with a significant wave height of 16.7 ft. During the trial, the system was proven to be deployable and recoverable from the back of a boat over a stern roller.

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