Emerging Engineers Conference Held By US Gulf Coast YP Board

The fifth annual Emerging Engineers Conference (EEC) was held in June 2009 at the offices of BHP Billiton in Houston. EEC is a forum for young professionals (YPs) to explore topics that will shape and develop their careers by offering presentations and a paper contest. Organized by the SPE Gulf Coast Section (GCS) YP Board, the event was designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry and provide insight into critical problems faced by the many young engineers. More than 100 YPs from different industries participated. 

The conference theme was “Following the Barrel From the Reservoir to the Gas Pump.” Keynote speaker Tim Cutt, president (Production), BHP Billiton, outlined his work experiences, particularly his efforts in technology development, and challenged audience members to enhance their technical skills. He also stressed the need to establish a work/life balance in one’s career. Subsequent speakers discussed many aspects of technological progress in the industry, including advances in geoscientific applications; drilling, development, and production engineering; pipelining; refining; and asset management.

Social-networking opportunities and a golf tournament were also part of the 2-day event, which raised USD 30,000 on behalf of the GCS for scholarships.