Delta Section YPs and LSU Students Discuss Industry with High Schoolers

Four SPE Delta Section young professional (YP) members and five Louisiana State University (LSU) students teamed up on 25 March to discuss the oil and gas industry, industry careers, and preparing for college with advanced-placement (AP) chemistry and physics students at Fontainbleu High School in Mandeville, Louisiana. The YPs and collegians showed material from the SPE energy education outreach program, Energy4me (, discussed careers and college studies, and answered many questions. 

Sofia Miranda, an LSU freshman, discussed time management in college versus high school and the importance of studying in college. LSU junior Wendy Redpath talked about her personal experience switching from civil to petroleum engineering and the course overlap between the two disciplines. Courtney Sample, a Chevron reservoir engineer, discussed the importance of internships as a means by which students can confirm their college major choice. Elizabeth Mann, a Shell facilities engineer, talked about recruiting and what companies look for in students.   

Another key topic was the many opportunities in the industry. Dakoriye Charles, an LSU freshman, discussed the travel he has done because of his petroleum industry involvement. Jack Carona, a petroleum engineer at Griffin and Griffin, talked about the benefits of a nonroutine job that changes daily. Richard Zaunbrecher, a deepwater exploration team lead at Shell, discussed his experience as a supervisor. Other participants included Teddy Yao, an LSU freshman, and James Stiernberg, a graduate student at the university.


Energy education outreach: Delta Section YPs and LSU students who made a presentation to high school AP chemistry and physics students. From left, James Stiernberg, Dakoriye Charles, Sofia Miranda, Wendy Redpath, and Teddy Yao, all of LSU; Jack Carona of Griffin and Griffin; and Elizabeth Mann of Shell.