Mumbai Section Focuses on YP Involvement

Enhancing the technical knowledge and soft skills of young professionals (YPs) and students is a major goal of the SPE Mumbai Section and, in particular, the executive committee responsible for YP activities. The section has conducted more than 25 events directed at or involving YPs over the past year, including eight Ambassador lectures, four Energy4me ( presentations to schools, and 14 other events such as quiz and essay competitions and guest lectures for students and YPs.

The Ambassador Lecture sessions were organized at the Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune, by YPs with diverse career paths and profiles. The goal of the lectures is to bridge the gap between petroleum engineering students and YPs. The presentations were enthusiastically received and impromptu quiz competitions proved popular. YPs have also raised awareness of industry issues and petroleum engineering through Energy4me presentations in Mumbai schools. In addition, the section has encouraged YPs to make presentations and share their knowledge at section technical meetings.

The section’s YP group will continue to host bimonthly meetings, led by subject experts, on topics of importance to the present and future energy industry.