Brunei Section’s Debut YP Social Event Well Received

The Brunei Young Professional (YP) section organized its first social event in February this year and witnessed encouraging turnout and participation. Established in 2007, the section has organized several events in the past, notable being the Students Writing Contest.

Although the oil & gas industry in Brunei has been attracting YPs to join the industry, the level of YP participation in SPE events is somewhat lacking. With this in mind, the YP Committee organized its first Social High Tea to engage the new YPs and re-engage existing YP members.  The event was also aimed at introducing the newly elected YP Committee members and to brainstorm the activities for the year. Organizing fun and sport activities emerged as the popular choice among the members. Suggestions from the members also included organizing community work such as fundraisers and buddy programs with local academic institutions. The YP Committee noted these suggestions to be included in the activity plan for the year.