Calgary YPs Plan New Events

The SPE Calgary Section Young Professionals (YP) Group has two additional activities in the pipeline this year for the YPs. In addition to organizing monthly soft-skills and technical luncheons, the section plans to restart the event “A Day in the Life Series.” This is an evening pub event that starts off with an informal networking session followed by a panel session with experts/novices in a particular field of engineering or geosciences. The experience level of the panelists may range from 1 to 30 years, thereby giving the audience an idea of what challenges and opportunities a particular field of engineering/geosciences may provide at the prime of one’s career, and also what it is like to have just entered the field. This session targets YPs who are either interested in a change in discipline or who are merely curious to learn more about what their colleagues do each day.

In June, the section plans to host its first “Speed Mentoring” event. The objective will be to match up experienced professionals with YPs for short one-on-one chats. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering as a mentor, please contact Dave Anderson ( For more information on the section’s upcoming YP events please visit or