Ramsgate Engineering and CIPA Initiate Industry Education Project

California Independent Oil Producers Association (CIPA), in assistance with Ramsgate Engineering, has initiated a public outreach program in California to educate and engage the public about the oil industry. The public outreach/education program utilizes several Internet social-networking sites.  The goal of the project is to make information on the oil industry easily accessible to the public and enable people to easily share information with others via mobile phones, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  The initial target for participants and recruits in the project is young industry professionals, who have an interest in continued industry prosperity and regularly use digital communications.  Team members of the project are Rock Zierman, chief executive officer, CIPA; Hank Bennett, Bonanza Creek Energy; Dave Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick Energy; and Chris Angelo and Dustin Kilpatrick, Ramsgate Engineering.  For more information visit www.energyforcalifornia.com or www.ramsgate.us/energyforcalifornia.