Denver Section

Young professionals (YPs) made a big difference at the Student Chapter Officer Workshop, which was held at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Denver. YP volunteers served as moderators for groups of 8 to 10 student officers to help them define the successes and challenges of their chapters. Students exchanged contact information with officers from as many as 10 other schools and developed lists of ideas they could implement to make their home chapters better. At the end of the session, many officers were asked to keep in touch with YPs for additional help during the school year. The workshop was sponsored by the Student Development Committee and chaired by Darla-Jean, Weatherford, and Abhishek Anchilya. YP volunteers at the event included Maan Al Asfoor, Karam Yateem, Preston Fernandez, Antonio Fernandez, and Stephanie Currie.

For more details on student chapter workshops, please contact Abhishek Anchliya at

Abhishek Anchliya, Texas A&M University, and Darla-Jean, Weatherford