Italian Section Hosts Creativity Workshop

What can I offer as my personal contribution in a multicultural team? What are the main internal and external agents that can facilitate or hinder a process? What can I do for tomorrow to improve our multicultural working environment?

These were the questions participants tried to answer during the “Creative Workshop: Multiculturalism at Work” that took place in Milan, Italy. The workshop was organized by SPE Young Professional (YP) Italian Section. The team-building workshop was held with the organizational development methodology Lego Serious Play, which is based on the concept of “thinking with the hands,” and emphasizes trying to put ideas and concepts into concrete form through the use of toy Lego construction blocks.

The objective was to compare the different points of view of the participants, who came from diverse professional and societal areas, on the dynamics of working in a multicultural environment. Participants spent a pleasant day “playing” with Legos but more importantly took back experiences and ideas about working in a multicultural team and looking for ways to improve attitudes. In the end, all the teams combined their amazing structures into one big construction. It was a perfect learning ground for teamwork and cross-cultural handshaking.  

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Participants included, from left, Gabriele Carpineta (Eni E&P), Elena Manassero (Eni E&P), Enrico Testa (Eni G&P), Filippo Capriotti (Eni E&P), Maria Franca Corò (Eni E&P), Silvia Haiz (Eni E&P), Clara Bertolini (Eni E&P), and Umberto Ciardi (Chimec).