Voice Your Opinions—Join the Fray!

The industry recognizes that young professionals require nurturing to be integrated successfully into the workforce. Many of you may have questions, even doubts, concerning the industry on a variety of issues, such as technical and managerial paths, the competencies needed, and where the industry is heading.  For a better understanding of the above issues and more, from a student perspective, The Way Ahead Student Link (SL) will feature the SL Forum every third issue. Students will have an opportunity to comment on relevant issues and exchange ideas with the industry. A questionnaire on a selected theme will be posted to the students’ community worldwide. Answers will be analyzed, with the results presented in the following issue of TWA. The SL Forum’s mission is aligned with the SPE Young Professional Network (YPN) portal on the SPE website, supported by a committee of dedicated young professionals. The YPN portal can be accessed for a wealth of information, including a forum providing an open-discussion site. All members are able to contribute to the forum, including students. The forum is very beneficial as a medium for all of you to voice your opinions.

Feel free to ask questions about your career and future in the E&P industry at the YPN portal, which can be accessed at YEPP@communities.spe.org. 

Are you ready to join the fray?

For more information on YPN, go to http://communities.spe.org/metadot/index.pl?id=6463&isa=Category&op=show.