Colorado School of Mines Hosts Its First Ambassador Lecture

The Colorado School of Mines (CSM) SPE Student chapter welcomed Leonardo Maschio last October as the first SPE Ambassador Lecturer to speak at the school. Maschio, a field service manager for Schlumberger, presented an overview of the energy business, offered personal insight on the petroleum industry, and discussed various industry career tracks available to young professionals. Engineering students from many disciplines took advantage of this session, and they heard from Maschio about the industry’s commitment to providing an uninterrupted energy supply to the world in a socially responsible, environmentally conscientious manner. He also discussed the various challenging settings in which young exploration and production (E&P) professionals are working, including seismic, drilling, production, and reservoir activities.  

Maschio spoke about future career opportunities available to the students, whether they join an E&P or service company. A wide range of opportunities and responsibilities will exist in the next 20 years, he said, and these emerging professionals will play a central role in developing the cutting-edge technologies needed to find and produce hydrocarbons more efficiently and improve reservoir recovery to meet high and growing global energy demand in a very challenging business and operating environment.

In addition, Maschio spoke about the various resources and initiatives available to students, such as the Ambassador Lecturer Program. He also shared his excitement about the Young Professional Networks and the excellent networking opportunities they provide students seeking insight on the industry. A question-and-answer session concluded the event.

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April Nelson is President of the SPE Student Chapter at Colorado School of Mines.


Maschio makes a presentation to Colorado School of Mines students.