Weatherford Hosts Aberdeen Students

Several SPE students from Robert Gordon U. recently took part in a tour of the Weatherford Completions and Production Facility in Dyce, Aberdeen. Those who attended are all studying various oil and gas engineering disciplines. To show students some of the practical aspects of theoretical teachings, Weatherford offered insight into completion practices, especially in sand control.

Students spent most of the day at the facility with Gillian King, Product Line Champion in Sand Control Systems, who gave an introduction to the company, its various divisions, and its global operations.

The tour focused on Weatherford’s contribution to the industry in sand control, primarily its expandable sand screen and the technology behind it. The students were given the opportunity to see the manufacturing techniques in detail and learn the principles behind sand control. An overview of the techniques involved was discussed, as well as the marketing strategies employed by Weatherford regarding sand screens.

The tour was followed by a general discussion and questions from students to King. The President and Secretary of the Robert Gordon U. Chapter, Iyke Okoro and Walter O’Brien-Gilbert, respectively, expressed their gratitude on behalf of the chapter to Weatherford and King.