Ambassador Lecturer Program Encourages Dialogue

The London Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) saw an increased interest in its activities in 2005, and it looks forward to repeating this performance in 2006. The focus for this year will be on increasing networking opportunities between ELP members and industry professionals through several events.

Following the overall success of the 2005 Champions program, our section decided to repeat this initiative in 2006. The meeting was held on 16 February at Imperial College, London, under the newly created SPE Ambassador Lecturer Pilot Program. Over the course of the evening, members of the London ELP Section were invited to talk to current students in the master’s degree petroleum engineering and petroleum geosciences programs. The main aim was to encourage discussions with students about opportunities for graduates and possible career paths within the oil and gas industry.

The evening started with a presentation on the YEPP Network and SPE’s benefits for students and new graduates by Jesus Bronchalo, London ELP President. After this, the floor was opened to questions. Five professionals with experience ranging between 3 and 10 years were available to share their individual career paths, experiences, and aspirations with the students.

Questions ranged from “How can I pass an assessment center?” and “What is the best possible career path?” to “Is it necessary to work abroad to succeed in oil and gas?” and “Can women succeed in our business?”

To conclude the evening, the students and young professionals continued their discussions in a more informal way, around drinks and pizzas. The event was described as an overall success by the students, and it will be repeated next year. The committee is already organizing the next social event of the London ELP Section. This event will precede our annual field trip, with further details to be announced in the forthcoming weeks on the London ELP page on the SPE website.


Participants in the Ambassador Lecturer Pilot Program event.