King Fahd Chapter Reviews Accomplishments, Goals

The Student Chapter of King Fahd U. of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) was officially established in June 1996. The chapter consists of 122 members, mostly students but also young professionals, professionals, and professors. The main mission of the chapter is to promote members’ creativity, emphasize the role of petroleum engineering in society, support the local SPE section and local companies, and cultivate technical and personal skills development among members.

The chapter is run by seven students with Karam Sami Al-Yateem as Student Chapter President 2004–05. He encourages all students, especially petroleum engineering students, to join and benefit from the chapter. “With us, you can build your communication skills, teamwork skills, and organizational abilities,” Al-Yateem said. “Furthermore, participating in the chapter will open new doors of creativity and understanding and familiarize you with the latest technological advances in the petroleum engineering profession.”

The chapter has strong ties with professionals and young professionals in the Middle East. During a visit in May 2005, former SPE President Giovanni Paccaloni complimented the KFUPM Chapter as one of the most active SPE student chapters.

Al-Yateem listed the chapter’s seven focus areas and its accomplishments in 2005.

  1. Media—The chapter launched its website at, making it easier for members and YEPPs to get more involved and enhancing communication with the SPE Middle East Office and SPE headquarters in the U.S. A chapter logo was designed, a dedicated public relations committee was formed, and a bulletin board for the KFUPM SPE Student Chapter was created. Most of the chapter’s news and activities are reported in the local newspapers, in the SPE newsletter, and under Student News at
  2. Organizational—The chapter helped the SPE-SAS at their annual technical symposium in May 2005 and arranged and hosted Paccaloni’s visit. The chapter also organized a meeting with the industrial committee in collaboration with the department of petroleum engineering at KFUPM.
  3. International—The chapter led trips to Bahrain and Dubai. The first was hosted by Bahrain Natl. Oil Co., which gave a presentation about fields in Bahrain and its company structure and included trips to a Schlumberger laboratory, an oil museum, and to the first well drilled in the Middle East. The second trip was sponsored by Baker Hughes to visit the SPE Middle East Office in Dubai, UAE. It was hosted by Ross Davidson, Director of Operations for the office. The chapter and SPE Middle East Office both made presentations. The same trip included visits to Baker Hughes’ and Schlumberger’s headquarters in the Middle East and to Abu Dhabi Co. for Onshore Oil Operations. A visit was also made to the MBC Media Group and Al-Arabiyah News Channel. MBC may broadcast the visit in the near future.
  4. Social—Monthly dinner meetings are held, and various industry association dinner meetings have been attended. To increase ties among students, professors, and young professionals, a semiannual beach picnic is held. The chapter participates in an annual beach cleaning day to show concern for the environment and visits to charity societies are held occasionally.
  5. Educational/scientific—Chapter members often give presentations about petroleum engineering to high schools around the region. From time to time, we arrange school visits to the university, which could include presentations by young professionals and students. The chapter organized two “open days” this past year, one hosted by Saudi Aramco. That session was opened by Fahad A. Al-Moosa, Vice President of Drilling and Workover for Aramco, followed by two young professionals talking about their work environment. The second open day was aimed at university students. Presentations were given by oil companies in Saudi Arabia and by young professionals.
  6. Values—The chapter stands for SPE’s values of excellence, fairness, integrity, diversity, professionalism, teamwork, mentorship, citizenship, lifelong learning, volunteerism, innovation, and social responsibility. We had an end-of-year award session for our establishers, graduated students, active members, and honor students. The Dubai trip was for the active students in our student chapter as a reward for their hard work.
  7. Future plans—The chapter aims to be an outstanding student chapter. One suggestion for continuation and growth is to approach all the young professionals in the regional oil sector companies. The chapter intends to organize an international gathering with petroleum engineering and science students from all over the world in Saudi Arabia for a week that will include both technical and social activities.

The chapter extends its appreciation to its members, officers, and faculty advisers, and to Saudi Section officers, Saudi Aramco, the SPE Middle East Office, and the SPE headquarters for helping to make 2005 a very successful year.


Student Chapter members visit SPE's Dubai office