Texas A&M Wins Petrobowl

In October, the SPE Gulf Coast Section Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) held its 4th Annual Petrobowl competition at the 2005 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Dallas. Petrobowl is a competition in which universities compete in teams of four against each other to answer questions ranging from the fundamentals of petroleum engineering to the unique and rich history and current events of the industry. It was the largest Petrobowl competition thus far. Texas A&M U. took the trophy this year by beating Montana Tech in the final round and becoming the 2005 Petrobowl Champions. Every year, this competition grows, and we hope that in the future we can get more and more international teams to participate.  Petroskills, the 2005 sponsor, has played an integral part in the growth of this competition, and we would like to thank them.

The following schools competed in this year’s competition: Colorado School of Mines, Louisiana State U., Marietta College, Montana Tech, Penn State U., Texas A&M, Texas Tech, U. of Alberta, U. of Louisiana at Lafayette, U. of Oklahoma, U. of Texas at Austin, and U. of Tulsa.

We look forward to including more teams in next year’s event.  Please visit the SPE Gulf Coast Section ELP website for pictures of the competition at www.spegcs.org/en/committees/display.asp?committeeid=25.


Members of Texas A&M's winning team.