Welcome to the Student Link Section of TWA

Welcome to the Student Link Section of TWA. This month we will review several different perspectives on the current status of the relationship between students and Young E&P Professionals (YEPPs) and focus on opportunities to improve that relationship. YEPP initiatives are gaining momentum on both international and local levels. Those who reach out to students are realizing how valued their perspective is. Students who reach out for mentoring and reassurance that they have chosen the right career are finding young, energetic YEPP volunteers ready and willing to help. With both YEPPs and students acutely aware of their important role in the future of our industry, we are pulling together to support each other. The Ambassador Lecturer Program, highlighted below, was recently proposed to and approved by the international SPE Board of Directors. This exciting new program will ease the process of reaching out to local SPE student sections by providing presentation templates and best practices from other regions.