Denver: ELP Rides the Ski Train

The Denver Section Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) has been up and running for 1 year now. Thus far, we have held several networking socials and luncheon meetings with lecturers from around the Rocky Mountain region. Topics have included professional licensing for petroleum engineers and challenges facing the natural gas market in the Rocky Mountain region. Industry financial and other resource support has been overwhelming. Thanks to all who have contributed.

This January, the ELP coordinated an excursion on the Ski Train, an event well-attended by SPE members of all ages and disciplines. Snow pack is approaching an all-time high in the Rockies this year, and the weather at Winter Park was ideal for skiing. Good weather, good people, and a train ride through the mountains helped guarantee that all had a good time.

The future of the Denver ELP Section looks bright. This year, we will focus on establishing a regular lecture series focusing on career and business development as it pertains to young professionals. We also will hold several networking functions, with all SPE members invited, in the Denver area during the summer.

Anyone interested in learning more about or getting involved in the Denver Section ELP can contact us at



Denver ELP members enjoy a ski outing.