Netherlands: Mentoring in Practice Workshop

The Netherlands YEPP chapter and SPE Netherlands Section brought 2005 to a successful close with the workshop “Mentoring in Practice” cochaired by Marc Amory (SPE Netherlands Section Continuing Education Chairperson) and Loris Tealdi (SPE Netherlands YEPP Program Chairperson). The workshop attempted to put into practice what is seen as a strong need today: mentoring.

The workshop was split into two main sections in order to explore the theory of mentoring and then put those theories into practice. Speakers included 2005 SPE President Giovanni Paccaloni of Eni E&P, H. Edmundson of Schlumberger, and L. Desmond of Shell from the experienced professional side and, from the young professional side, Tealdi of Agip KCO. The first three speakers pointed out the value of mentoring from a senior perspective. Paccaloni underlined the double role of young professionals, who are both “mentees” benefiting from experienced workers and also mentors to students.

The speakers clearly underlined the importance of solid technical preparation for young professionals, and mentoring can provide a strong added value to this. From the young professionals’ side, Tealdi underlined how mentoring and coaching can be strong tools to increase technical skills and also motivate younger workers, which ultimately will result in boosting young professionals’ performances.

In the second part of the workshop, attendees mimicked a “speed dating” event as young engineers had a chance to get advice from senior professionals on how to make a career journey within the petroleum industry successful and enjoyable. The experiment was well accepted from both seasoned and young professionals and was identified as an example of something that could be repeated at other SPE section or global events.


The “speed dating” game in the mentoring workshop.