Oman YEPP Expands

After the launch of the SPE-parented YEPP network in Oman and the start of activities for the Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) Young Professionals Network, both committees decided to join forces under one umbrella as a YEPP chapter. The decision was made after the two groups met for discussions and found they share the same goals and interest in the same types of activities. This broader network will have a combined committee split into three working groups: Ideas and Program Group, Events Execution and Treasury Group, and Publicity and Communication Group. These groups are working together to deliver focused activities and events that help solve common problems and help the development of young professionals.

In December, PDO and the YEPP chapter organized a talk by Sheikh Khalfan Esry, PDO’s Corporate Health, Safety, and Environment Manager (and a certified personal development instructor), on self-development and target achievement. Sheikh Khalfan explained the importance of being clear and specific in establishing personal targets. Additionally, to make informed choices, one needs to understand one’s mind and the influence of the “outer world” and one’s “inner world.” More than 50 young professionals attended and participated in the discussion.

In February, PDO and YEPP organized an introductory talk on neurolinguistic programming (NLP) titled “Human Excellence Engineering” by Ahmed Al-Maskery, a certified NLP practitioner. The talk was intended to introduce the concept of NLP to YEPPs and show how it can be applied to their job or life. It was attended by 35 young professionals, with the first in attendance given gifts.


Sheikh Khalfan Esry talks about reaching goals to members of the Oman YEPP chapter.