France: YEPP Activities Take Off

The activity of young professionals in France has been growing since the group was launched last May. We are focusing on three axes of development, with different people involved in each.

First of all, we are trying to be increasingly involved in the main France SPE section, promoting participation of YEPPs at lectures (two lectures took place during the fall: Reserves Evaluation and Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery). Two YEPP members are on the steering committee that is preparing a Biarritz YEPP Applied Technology Workshop in March.

Second, our section organizes social events (two YEPP “happy hours” since July). People from different companies (Gaz de France, Perenco, Schlumberger, Eiffel, and Total, and also PhD students) gather in a very friendly atmosphere, networking and sharing experiences of our different jobs and companies.

Third, we launched a cycle of workshops and lectures with the active participation of François Badoual, New Venture Negotiator at Total E&P. The first session was a success, with 15 young professionals attending the workshop. Topics discussed included the process of a new venture, win-win deals, corruption and ethics, and interaction between diplomacy and business. These workshops and lectures are designed either to foster learning about new positions in E&P or to broaden our vision of the industry on such topics as CO2 storage, climate-change modeling, and world reserves evaluation.

A lecture on knowledge management will be held in February. We are looking forward to gathering many YEPPs together again to discuss important topics. If you want to get in touch with YEPPs in France, please e-mail us at