Oman: Petro-Quiz Inaugurates New YEPP Program

Oman’s YEPP section was officially launched in November with a kickoff event called Petro-Quiz. The event was organized by the newly formed YEPP team, which consists of seven professionals from different spheres of the oil industry. The Petro-Quiz night was held at the Petroleum Development Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition Center and was intended to get YEPPs from operators and service companies together in an evening full of knowledge sharing and fun.

Tony Thomas opened the evening with a short introduction on the YEPP initiative, which was followed by the quiz session. Four teams were formed, each consisting of three members. Asma Al-Balushi led the quiz. As with any competition, only one team could win. Three young professionals left with a big smile, but the rest of the attendees were not forgotten. Everybody left with a souvenir from YEPP Oman.

The event also featured poster displays: the creative work of Marwan Zadjali and Hamed Al Jabri. The posters displayed an overview of the YEPP organization and its role in the petroleum industry. A questionnaire was prepared to solicit feedback from attendees on their interests and ideas for future events. A social gathering followed.

Special thanks go to the YEPP team that worked very hard to put the event together and to the sponsor, Schlumberger. A great lesson was learned from the Petro-Quiz night: As simple as the questions were, we tended to complicate our thinking and come up with the wrong answers. So keep to the basics and keep things simple in life.


One of the teams with SPE Consultant Norman Edwards.