London ELP Entering Its Second Year With Vision

The London Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) started its second year with the clear objective of consolidating all the experiences and advice acquired during its inaugural year. The main objective, though, will be to continue providing the services requested by its members such as presentations, seminars, and social events. For all this to take place, the committee is again engaged in finding additional sponsorship and top professionals to conduct the events. We will also continue to extend the ELP to as many technical disciplines as possible and to target nonengineers as well. Initial conversation took place last year with the objective of starting joint activities with some other professional societies in London and to continue targeting young professionals in the London area.

Another critical point that will be pursued and implemented this new year is the concept of champions (encouraged by 2005 SPE President Giovanni Paccaloni) in some of the universities in London. Young professionals in the ELP should commit to transfer their knowledge and experiences to students and new graduates. Aspects of knowledge and experience that can be shared include how to “pass” assessment centers, life abroad, what it is like to be on site, how we have benefited from SPE, the importance of creating a diverse network (multidisciplinary and multicultural), how to write an SPE paper, and the experience of presenting at large conferences. These events will potentially be included within the student chapter’s program, and the ELP will aim to include a couple of sessions per academic year with a format tailored to students’ needs. This ties in well with one of our missions: To retain talented individuals within the industry and attract new ones.


Members of the London ELP enjoy a night of bowling.